Biogas is derived from the process of bacterial fermentation of organic compounds in an anaerobic environment, composed largely of methane (CH4), carbon dioxide and other gases.

It is used as a fuel to produce electrical and thermal energy in cogeneration plants.

It is produced with agricultural and food industry waste and by-products, zootechnical waste, organic fraction of municipal solid waste.

Stainless Steel

We build incentiveable plants in austentic stainless steel (ministerial decree 23/06/2016 and law 145/2018-biogas) or for self-consumption up to 2,000 kwel/h.

We choose stainless steel because it guarantees performance, reliability and durability over time that is unachievable for concrete systems: the very high resistance to corrosive and mechanical forces drastically reduces extraordinary interventions over the years, for maximum protection of the investment.

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